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February 2020
We have a one-off chance to gain up to 1300 miles and experience 2 long passages of more than 600 miles each.

This trip is open to qualified Day Skippers and above.

Build valuable miles and experience.

Take night watches.

Practice your navigation.

We will also be using celestial navigation.

Leg 1:

Perpignan in the south of France to Pozzallo in southern Sicily-670nm

We will stay in Pozzallo for about 24 hours to provision and rest.

Leg 2:

Pozzallo to Volos/Greece-660nm

You are welcome to take part in either of the legs or both. You will have to arrange your own travel, but once on board, food will be provided.


1 leg only: €750

Both legs: €1050

The boat:

A new Jeanneau 349

Email for information
Mile builder leg 1.jpg
Mile builder leg 2.jpg
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