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Build your experience, improve your confidence and advance your practical knowledge, whilst putting hundreds of miles in your log.

Our mile building trips are ideal for both experienced and inexperienced sailors alike. Whether you have just passed your day skipper and wish to put some miles under your belt whilst polishing your skills, or whether you want to experience some

(10% discount for people sharing a cabin)


June 2023 milebuilder.png
Autumn 2023 track
320 miles
Required pre-course experience

Minimum age:  18


At least 1 week experience aboard a sailing boat.

Duration: 7 days

Dates for 2024: (Alternate dates may be available on request)

June 22nd-29th

August 10th-17th

Included in the price: Breakfast, lunch and 3 evening meals on board the yacht. You’ll get freshly laundered linen & towels, pillows, and bedding. Also included are fuel and mooring fees.

Not included: Meals eaten ashore and the cost of getting here (Please refer to our getting here page)

Below, is an example of one possible route


Saturday: We will leave the port of Volos in the afternoon for a short hop, tacking out to the exit of the Pagasitikos gulf.

Sunday: We will set sail in the morning for the port of Skopelos Town on Skopelos Island, a journey of about 50 miles, made slightly longer by the need to tack up the channel between the mainland and Evia.

Monday: At about midday, we will set sail for the island of Skyros in the middle of the Aegean. This is also a journey of about 50 miles, the second half of which will be at night.

Tuesday: Once everyone is awake and recovered from the late night arrival, we will set course for the uninhabited island of Kira Panagia and the unbelievable setting of Planitis bay for a night at anchor, a passage of 45 miles. Here you will see the Milky Way as you’ve never seen it before.

Wednesday: Early in the morning, we will head for Porto Carras on the middle finger of Halkidiki, a journey of about 52 miles.

Thursday: Beginning the downwind leg of the week, we head for Skiathos Town, a passage of 63 miles. Again, we will plan the second half of this journey to be conducted at night.

Friday: Following a hearty breakfast in the touristy town of Skiathos, we will set sail for the entrance to the Pagasitikos gulf and the island of Trikeri, for a last night celebration of your new-found experience and miles, which your skipper will then sign off in your log book.

Other courses for experienced sailors

RYA Coastal Skipper  (Without the online theory course)

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore

RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased (online theory course provided by, an RYA-recognised training centre specialising in online training)

proper sailing with fifty or sixty mile passages, experiencing night passages and watches, our circumnavigation of the northern Aegean has everything to offer.

The route of course, is susceptible to change due to varying weather conditions, but this will play a part in gaining experience as we listen to the forecast and discuss passage planning.


As well as some serious sailing, we will be stopping in some of the most stunning places that the North Aegean has to offer. The Sporades islands are one of the last unspoilt areas of the Mediterranean. You will enjoy nights in idyllic harbours, enjoying the local food and wine and nights at anchor in secluded bays with the Milky Way overhead.

Everyone will have a chance to skipper the boat and plan passages, safe under the watchful eyes of your English

RYA Yachtmaster Instructor.

Thessalia School of Sailing is an RYA-recognised training centre offering RYA sailing courses in Greece

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