Thessalia School of sailing-RYA sailing courses in Greece
Thessalia School of Sailing-RYA-recognised sailing school in Greece

Our main sailing area encompasses Volos, the Pagasitikos Gulf and out to the Aegean Sea. Volos is a busy commercial port, supplying the area of Thessaly and the Sporades Islands. The 7th largest town in Greece, Volos and Mount Pelion remains a favourite holiday spot for Greek tourism and you will find very little evidence of foreign travel companies.

The gulf is about 14 nautical miles wide and is surrounded by idyllic anchorages, small harbours and picturesque islands.

Inside the gulf, you will experience near-perfect sailing conditions, with the regular sea breeze and calm waters, whilst out in the Aegean, the Meltemi usually blows force 3-4, funnelling down the channel between Evia and the Mainland. Any swell from the north is cut off by the archipelago that makes up the Sporades Islands and we rarely experience swell of more than 1-2 metres. These conditions are usually reserved for lake sailing, but here we have the open sea and countless coves and harbours to explore.

We are regularly visited by dolphins within the gulf and more often, outside in the channel.

During the low season (March-May and September-November), you will rarely see another sailing boat and even during the summer months, the gulf is surprisingly empty of pleasure craft.


This is one of the last remaining, undiscovered secrets of the Mediterranean and once you have your skipper’s certificate, you will want to come back and explore this paradise under your own command.


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